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Pathways Caledon East

With the purchase of your new home you received up to 750 WGS Points to use towards the front garden of your new home. You may use the interface below to make your selections. Extra points can be purchased at $2.00/pt to help you achieve your dream garden.

If your lot is 40ft wide, you receive 500 Points. Please enter coupon code: 500WGS

If your lot is 50ft wide, you receiveĀ 600 Points. Please enter coupon code: 600WGS

If your lot is 60-70ft wide, you receive 750 Points. Please enter coupon code: 750WGS

Townhome collection models will receive a predetermined landscape package to enhance the overall streetscape. This is due to the size and space available for planting.

  • Perennials

    Perennials (18)

  • Shrubs

    Shrubs (24)

  • Trees

    Trees (11)